Thursday, June 25, 2009

KDE 4.2 and KDE 4.3

It's been a while since I've commented on KDE. Partly, it's because I've been insanely busy with life and work, but I'm pleased to report that somewhere around 4.2.2 KDE started getting pretty usable. I ran 4.2.4 for a while before upgrading to one of the 4.3 betas, and other than one weird issue, it's actually be quite pleasant to use. By and large everything works, there are still some obnoxious issues (like the konsole issues with -e) and so on, but overall it's really coming together and is, dare I say it, pretty attractive. I'm not much for eye candy that doesn't actually make my day easier. It's not like I run fvwm or anything (although I like fvwm and have a nice config which only took me a WEEK to make), but while some advanced eye candy is actually pretty useful (it draws your eye here or it helps you remember where something went, etc...) most of the eye candy is just that - it's candy. Fun once in a while, but not very good for you. And it rots your teeth. So KDE 4.3 is faster, a bit leaner, a bunch noisier (have you ever tailed .xsession?), but overall pretty reliable. Few crashes. Bluetooth doesn't work. The network manager integration is just getting to the point where I use it instead of knetworkmanager (which always worked very well thank you). Plasma does crash now and again, but now when it does so it's more of a surprise than a regular occurance, and so far it's not caused me to lose work. I do have one really weird issue, so weird that I can't even figure out how to file a bug report. When 4.3RC1 becomes available over the next few days, I hope that fixes it. Am I looking forward to openSUSE 11.2? Oh yeah. I did grab the dvd .iso and play with it in qemu, and it boots fast, and since it'll have KDE 4.3 that's all the more reason to get excited...

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