Saturday, February 21, 2009

KDE 4.2 coming along, still not there

As I mentioned earlier, I gave KDE 4.2 a try and it was a disaster. Since then, the team responsible have been producing almost nightly new releases, and these new releases have improved things considerably. Specifically, konsole, while still not without it's issues, is very usable now. The taskbar is usable, and the desktop area is usable. Assuming you turn desktop effects off, things generally work OK - I get 2 or 3 crashes a day. Some of these crashes are pretty annoying. krunner keeps getting hung in futex, which indicates some sort of threading problem. When that happens, alt-f2 (something I use quite frequently) goes belly up (as alt-f2 runs krunner), and for some reason all of dbus starts acting weird, negatively impacting many apps including gtk+ and most of KDE. One of the big issues I have with konsole is the auto-saving of it's window sizes. KDE 3.5 used to allow you to save the dimensions of the window (as well as other changes you've made to the session) in an on-demand fashion. However, KDE 4.2's konsole does this more or less every time you make a change. I open hundreds of konsoles a day, easily, as some of them are very short-lived. I really, really want konsole to open to the same size every single time. I resize many of konsole instances to sizes that are totally unsuitable for other purposes. Ugh! It also took me a few days to find out how to disable the "start konsole in the same working directory" when creating new tabs. That's also hugely annoying. I've found a BUNCH of bugs in konsole and won't detail them all here, but konsole is KDE 4's biggest step backwards yet. The next issue is the seemingly more haphazard way in which the system settings are arranged, compared to KDE 3.5. I sometimes have to look in 2 or 3 different modules to find what I'm looking for, especially when it has to do with themes or visuals or what-not. Overall, however, KDE 4.2 is coming along and I sincerely hope and believe that these issues will get resolved - I suddenly have hope for the future of KDE again. Good job, folks!

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