Saturday, January 31, 2009

KDE 4.2

I recently gave KDE 4.2 a try, thanks to the good folks at Novell. The install went fine, and it wasn't nearly as crashy as it used to be - I "only" got one crash of the window manager. By and large it works better, but it's still not nearly as usable as 3.X was for me. There is no way to highlight a program in the main menu and put it on the task bar. Moving things on the task bar as yet eludes me. The "no icons on your desktop" decision is not just dictatorial but it's painful for users and I see no merit in it whatsoever. Konsole *still* doesn't display fonts worth a damn, when configuring fonts the "example" display looks great but the *actual* display still looks terrible. At startup, there was a short-lived message about the size of my screen being undetectable, at which point it looked like it tried to start a program but failed, didn't retry, and didn't tell me anything about what went wrong. Nice. The visual effects are nice, but I could care less if I spent more time, effort, and energy getting my job done. fvwm2 is looking better every day. KDE 3.X has worked extremely well for me over the years - solid, consistent, predictable, and most of all *functional*. Maybe KDE 4.3 will get start to get good enough to use for me, but I'm getting pretty sick of the dictatorial attitude that KDE has taken on lately - one of the biggest reasons I stopped using GNOME was because of these reasons - crashy software and dictatorial attitude. Being "pretty" doesn't mean a damn thing if I can't use the software effectively.

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