Monday, October 6, 2008

More Notes on Acer 7720 Wireless

Today I helped some friends update their Acer 7720 laptop. It's running openSUSE 10.3 and one of the updates is a new kernel version, probably the riskiest of the periodic updates. Unfortunately, upon reboot, the wireless was shot. I spent an hour with their laptop until I hit upon just the right google which said something about the ipw drivers. Now, I had already removed all of the ipw* stuff as I remembered the laptop works with the iwl not the ipw series. I *thought* I had removed all of it but I had forgotten the most important bit, the firmware. Once that was removed and the machine rebooted, everything worked perfectly. Yay!


  1. never update the kernel when you have to be able to use the machine shortly after that, especially if you are using wireless or something equally finicky
  2. be thorough with the axe - if I had removed the all of the right stuff, right away, the "issue" would have taken 5 minutes to resolve.
  3. Remove EVERYTHING ipw*


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