Saturday, March 1, 2008

openSUSE 10.3 - Some Post-Install Setup

I really like the KDE desktop. It's clean, consistent, and very important to me - doesn't prevent me from making choices - it presents them, has sensible defaults, but they can still be changed. Additionally, everything seems to work together so smoothly and without-fuss. However, the I do typically change a number of the defaults and here are some of them:USB printers that "can't be found" (famously with hplip), and so on.

  • Use sax2 to get that screen resolution just right. This is hugely important on LCDs.

  • I turn font hinting, using "slight". This I do through the "Personal Settings" program.

  • On openSUSE 10.3, I also switch the "SUSE" menu style to "KDE".

  • On an LCD, I manually edit $HOME/.fonts.conf and set the rgba mode to rgb. This makes a big difference - I remember that the KDE font configuration program used to be able to do this but it doesn't appear to work any more - it is disabled for some reason. Why?

  • For my personal machines, I switch to "focus follows mouse"

  • I install and setup smart. On 10.3, zypper is much too slow and I've encountered weird dependency resolution issues with it. smart is very consistent, faster, and - big in my book - it "just works". It should be noted that 11.0 promises a vastly improved zypper. We'll see.

That's about it for now. As I remember stuff I might put more in here.

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